T4 Interview in Redmond Developer News

A couple of months ago, John K. Waters of Redmond Developer News was kind enough to interview Rob Conery and I about T4 and code generation in general. You can find the results here. Technorati Tags: T4,Code Generaton,Text Templating,Visual Studio

DSL Tools in Visual Studio 2010 – the cat is well and truly out of the bag

So after all the excitement of the PDC, now TechEd Europe is upon us and we’re finally talking in some more depth about where we’re going in Visual Studio 2010 with DSL Tools. Firstly, quite a few of you have been pinging me to ask about the relationship between DSL Tools and Oslo.  See Keith…

Chat Reminder

Just a reminder that we have a DSL Tools web chat this Tuesday at 5PM UK Time, 9AM Pacific Time.   http://www.microsoft.com/communities/chats/default.mspx#05_0524_DN_VS05   (Note that’s 5PM BST, not 5PM GMT as I said in my original announcement)   Hope to see you there.      

Questions for TechEd Panel on Software Factories

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the DSL Tools breakout session at TechEd Europe. This is followed by a DSL Tools Chalk and Talk at 8-30 am Friday morning (8-30am the morning after the party – ouch). I’ll then be hanging out at the VSTS Ask The Experts booth over lunch on Friday if anyone wants to come…

TechEd Europe 2005 DSLs and Software Factories Thoughts

TechEd Europe 2005 DSLs/Software Factories Thoughts   Having had time to mull over this year’s TechEd (and reading Steve’s post) I’m fairly pleased with how the week went.We seemed to reach a goodly chunk of people who were interested and hadn’t come across us before. However, when you hear our story for the first time…

Old New Blogging Client: CSBlogger

I’ve just picked up a new version of an old favourite blogging client, CSBlogger by our own Guoquiang Wu.  This was a bit flaky after the blogs.msdn.com move to Community Server (what wasn’t?) but now seems to be solid again.  Recommended.  This app is also a great example of what InfoPath is all about as a…

Some UI Design craft

From simplegeek Jan Mikovsky is blogging on UI design craft…  Subscribed.

Changing the file extension in a Domain Specific Language Tools Designer

I recently changed the file extensions in a couple of our Domain Specific Language designers and thought it worth noting the files that need to be modified to make it all work:   Files to rename:   Debugging\Empty.$Extension$ Debugging\Sample.$Extension$ Designer\ItemTemplates\$Extension$.$Extension$   Files to modify:   Debugging\$LanguageName$Debugging.csproj Debugging\$LanguageName$Report.ReportTemplate Debugging\$LanguageName$ReportVB.ReportTemplate Designer\$LanguageName$Designer.csproj Designer\Diagram\$LanguageName$Designer.resource.resx Designer\ItemTemplates\CS.vstemplate Designer\ItemTemplates\VB.vstemplate Designer\Shell\Constants.dslddt DesignerUI\DesignerUI.rc   The…

Next release of the DSL Editor PowerToy

While I’m linking to Jezz, I should mention that he has a groovy new release of the powertoy available. Here’s a picture showing a multi-view powertoy editor hosted as the main editing surface of a DSL Designer. Sweet stuff – this is really, really coming along nicely.