DSL 2010 Feature Dives: T4 Preprocessing – Part Two – Basic Design

  Lat time we looked at the “WHy” of T4 preprocessing – now let’s look at an overview of the how. To explain the new features, it’s helpful to have a look at the current way data flows through T4 2008. Let’s suppose you have a trivial template generating some trivial output:   Now to…


DSL 2010 Feature Dives: T4 Preprocessing – Part One – Rationale

Strictly, this isn’t a DSL 2010 feature, but a general Visual Studio 2010 feature; T4 is only coupled organizationally to DSL Tools, not technically, but it fits into our current announcements, so I won’t worry about that too much. Over the last year or so, I’ve been fielding an increasing number of requests from folks…


New DSL Tools lab

Jean-Marc has just released a complete walkthrough of DSL Tools for Visual Studio 2008 aimed at DSL beginners as a lab on CodeGallery. Here you can see the language from the lab designing mouse gestures for manipulating primitives in a simple graphics program. Very nice indeed. Technorati Tags: DSL Tools, Modeling, Hands-on lab, Domain-Specific Language


Belated Welcome – Eyal Lantzman

Very poor show of me – I forgot to welcome Eyal Lantzman to the team. Eyal recently joined the team in Cambridge, (I originally wrote “us” instead of “the team” there – note to self – must remember that I live in America now!).  As part of this, he’s made the big life change of…


DSL Tools in Visual Studio 2010 – the cat is well and truly out of the bag

So after all the excitement of the PDC, now TechEd Europe is upon us and we’re finally talking in some more depth about where we’re going in Visual Studio 2010 with DSL Tools. Firstly, quite a few of you have been pinging me to ask about the relationship between DSL Tools and Oslo.  See Keith…