New DSL Screencasts avaialble from VSX Conference

Just a quick note that there are a couple of DSL/T4 specific sessions among the plethora of great VSX content just posted by Anthony.


Jean-Marc's DSL 101 Session

Domain-Specific Development with Visual Studio DSL Tools

Domain-Specific Language Models are a powerful technique for embodying in a tool the abstractions specific to the software your business is building and guidance on how to use them with your own frameworks.   In this session we will  examine the domain-specific development pattern, and see how to build a simple graphical language from scratch. You will also learn how to make your graphical language domain-specific and finally how to add architectural guidance directly to the tool.


An advanced T4 session that I co-hosted with Oleg Sych and Jean-Marc.

Advanced code generation patterns with T4 & DSL Tools

Code generation is an increasingly common technique in application development and forms a part of many Visual Studio extensions. With the addition of T4 to Visual Studio 2008, every developer has a powerful code generation engine available to them. In this session we'll look at patterns of usage of T4 and ways to structure your templates for large-scale reuse. We'll explore a sample that aids large scale code generation from DSL models and finally look at a community library which adds facilities to make the tricky problems of incremental code generation and reverse engineering from a DSL easier.


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