Using extension methods in T4 templates

Adam has a groovy post on T4, but he’s under the impression that you can’t use C# extension methods in T4. I just wanted to discuss the limitations that exist and show how you can take advantage of this cool C#/VB 3.5 feature. Extension methods require you to declare a top-level static class, and don’t…


Another collection of T4 resources

Hot on the heels of all the interest Scott’s post has generated in T4, Jon Stonecash has a useful consolidation of T4 links.   Technorati Tags: T4


New DSL Screencasts avaialble from VSX Conference

Just a quick note that there are a couple of DSL/T4 specific sessions among the plethora of great VSX content just posted by Anthony.   Jean-Marc’s DSL 101 Session Domain-Specific Development with Visual Studio DSL Tools Domain-Specific Language Models are a powerful technique for embodying in a tool the abstractions specific to the software your…


informIT video interview on DSL Tools with Ted Neward and Gareth Jones

These videos have been around for quite a while now, but I suddenly realised that I didn’t have any links to them on the blog. It’s an hour or so of Ted and I chewing the fat on the why’s and wherefores of Domain-Specific Development.  If this is your bag and you can put up…


Hanselman gives T4 some love.

Aaron just pointed out to me that Scott Hanselman has been lavishing love on T4, Oleg’s techniques library and the Clarius T4 Editor.  Nice one Scott. Scott also notes that Rob is using it to create a nice repository over a DB for his SubSonic project. And of course, its always worth another namecheck for…