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I've just noticed that at the top of the Visual Studio Start Page RSS feed today are two groovy videos on DSL Tools - one on basics and one on more advanced customizations.  And a really fun domain chosen - modeling the solar system!


How Do I: Create and Customize My Domain Specific Language?

In this video, Dylan Miles, shows you how to create and customize your own Domain Specific Language using Visual Studio DSL Tools. He shows you the basics of creating your own domain classes, changing the visual properties of shapes as well as adding your own custom properties.
Presented by Dylan Miles on February 19, 2008
Length: 22 minutes 10 seconds


How Do I: Use Advanced Customization?

Learn how to override functionality in the generated code of your Domain Specific Language. Dylan Miles explains how using a custom constructor, custom storage for your shape and domain classes as well as hooking events to your shape classes.
Presented by Dylan Miles on February 12, 2008
Length:26 minutes 8 seconds



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  1. Interesting blog post describing some of the shortcomings of ASP.MVC Anotherblog post, this time about

  2. We’re always looking for new topics for the How Do I Videos for VSX, so if you’ve got more stuff you’d like to see let me or Dylan know.



  3. Kishore says:

    I’m from a research team at Infosys and am writing a series of posts making a case for DSM and the Software Factory approach. Was just trying to give a new angle to the whole idea of "software reusability" based on that.. would like to hear your views on that.  Here’s the link..

    Some of my older posts in the series are here..


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