XNA Studio and DSL Tools – Better Together

I've been meaning to blog this for an age.

Over in Furtaspace (love that name), André points out that with the (relatively) recent release of XNA Studio 2.0, you can now use teh 2005 version of VDSL Tools to create model-driven game creation tooling.

As Andre says, "Sweet!"

And in somewhat more stop press news, turns out that André has joined Microsoft - welcome on board André. (Now why on earth didn't you come interview for the jobs on our team?)

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  1. Hey Gareth, thanks! I believe we’ll meet sooner or later… 😉

  2. BTW, this post presents a more interesting example of XNA+DSL Tools: http://afurtado1980.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!63514833CE40C143!547.entry

  3. Cyril says:

    Andre’s profile is really impressive. And what he did with the DSL Tools is even more. He rocks as much as the DSL Tools do.

    He’s a great "young" developer (though I suspect he got the programming virus a long time ago). His thesis also is a major piece of work, imho. Software factories for games : yet another sweet use of the tools!

    As we say here, "la valeur n’attend pas le nombre des années" ("you don’t need to be many years old to be a of value").

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