La la la la – Not much blogging in A-mer-ica

My word that's a corny title 🙂 And I don't even like West Side Story. Stuart is the new musical theatre aficionado on our team - you'll have to ask him for details though 😉

So it's time for one of those "excuse" blogs.

There's been a huge amount going on in our VSX world lately and I've been largely ignoring it blog-wise - even though I nagged some folks furiously to get some of it to happen - apologies to you - you know who you are.

My excuse is fairly good though, as I've been busy trying to get my life into some sort of organized shape having taken the plunge, upped sticks and moved to Seattle.  I'm going to try to gradually get back into the saddle, but there's still a lot of admin to do so I expect it will come in fits and starts.

First things first, initial impressions of life in the USA? Well, given that my commute has been a significant chunk of my day, you'd think that this country is obsessed with jewelry.  Seems like every other add on every radio station is for this or that jeweler or purveyor of diamonds.  I don't think I'd ever heard a jewelry add on the radio in England. Truly strange.

I'll try and post a few short-sharp link posts now to catch up a bit.

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