Closet Cloggies

Apparently, there's a very hush-hush organization forming over in the Netherlands.

The Secret Dutch Software Factory Society - Jezz has the skinny.

Cambridge is pretty flat too, so maybe we could be an honorary part of the club.  I wonder what the password is? "Kopstootje" maybe?

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  1. Steve Eadie says:

    yeah I may have to see if they can include Thornton in Lancashire as well…. UK factory builders were totally outnumbered by Dutch at the Code Generation Conference the other week 🙂

  2. Edward says:


    I am a member of this "secret organization" too. I will be at TechEd next week, make sure to find me there and you might

    be able to buy yourself a membership. By the way, most of the time these memberships are paid in beer 🙂


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