Built with DSL Tools: Tangible Architect

As Steve pointed out, here's another product based on DSL Tools technology.

From the Tangible web page:

Screenshot of Tangible Architect

"Model-Driven Code Generation featuring Drag&Drop UI-Design (Software factory supporting DSL & UML)
1. Define your business objects using
an UML Model or Class Wizards

2. Let tangible architect generate business
objects, db-schema, data access code

3.  Extend your business objects and
create your UI using Drag & Drop "

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  1. belkin.sergei says:

    very nice, another implementation of perspective mdd aproach. What about situation around dsl tools. When we’ll have next CTP?

  2. SpoonsJTD says:

    Is anyone else put off by the price? $1500 for the version without UML, $2600 for the enterprise? Granted, I haven’t even used the trial, but it seems pricy for ORM, even if it is ‘drag and drop’. Any idea on how robust the UML implementation is? Full blown UML modelling through the VS DSL interfaces might be worth that pricetag.

  3. SpoonsJTD says:

    Ah, I just noticed, the UML isn’t built through DSL, it’s provided through Sparx’s EA, which is a great UML tool, but doesn’t have a very good VS integration story yet.

  4. GarethJones says:

    I’ve tried to keep commercial information such as pricing out of these "built with DSL" blog entries, equally just quoting the blurb from the product sites, so its hopefully not seen as comment or endorsement, just pleasure that folks are using our stuff.

  5. GarethJones says:

    Next CTP will come once there are public versions of the VS SDK for Orcas. NO announcements on timings or what it will contain yet.

  6. Tom R. says:

    I think the tool is valueable as it provides not only modelling and O/R but also DnD UI Design and Database Schema Deployment and Upgrading which really makes it unique.

    PS: I think the picture is broken.

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