Built with DSL Tools: Himalia Guilder

 Another neat application of DSL tools V1 (with a custom VS SDK project system to boot) in the GUI-building (they coined the term 'guilding' which I like) space for service oriented apps.  It's really exciting to see DSL Tools as a technology that's helping a start-up company get going.

From the Himalia site:

Himalia is a domain specific language for service oriented user interfaces. Our model is the perfect mix between the hipermedia and the composite/control paradigm. Besides, it is a real semantic user interface approach.

And the author's blog is here.

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  1. leovernazza says:

    Hi Gareth, thank you for your post. DSL Tools was a great help for our development process, despite the fact we are not using it in the "expected" way.

    I want just to say we uploaded a few screencasts now in the site.

    Now, I have to update my screenshots too 🙂

    The beta will  be ready, on december 3, I hope… then you will be able to test it yourselves

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