Sad news – Bill to leave after two years

Yes, it's true.
The BBC confirmed yesterday that Billie Piper is to leave Dr Who at the end of a two year run playing assistant Rose Tyler.
The good Doctor just won't be the same without those toothy grins accompanying him.
Sorry, was there any other "Bill leaving" news yesterday that I missed?
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  1. DJ says:

    "I’ve figured out a way to make people laugh using ‘redirection’."


  2. Jonathan Day says:

    Don’t you find it suspicious that two "Bill"s happen to be leaving at about the same time? And, most suspicious of all, I hear Gate’s mansion is bigger on the inside than the outside…

  3. Paul Healey says:

    Well I thought it was funny!

  4. GarethJones says:

    The entirety of is written on psychic paper anyway – you just read what you’d like Microsoft to be saying


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