Vive La France

There is a vibrant French language DSL Tools community over at It includes code snippets, a T4 colorizer and a six-part lab on DSL Tools. Very nice.


Visual Studio Service Pack 1 and December VS SDK CTP Released

As Soma announces, service pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005 with a lot of bug fixes and integrated WAP support is released.   Closer to home, James announced the December CTP of the Visual Studio SDK 4.0 released last week. This release contains a bunch of bug fixes to DSL Tools V1.0.  It has CTP status right now,…


Chimp on templates

Martijn over at Software Chimps has a good post on DSL(/M) 🙂 templates and why they aren’t a good idea. One of his key points is: “Providing them with a ready-made language template would: Get them started on the wrong path: They would not think carefully about their problem domain and attempt to create a…


Built with DSL Tools: Himalia Guilder

 Another neat application of DSL tools V1 (with a custom VS SDK project system to boot) in the GUI-building (they coined the term ‘guilding’ which I like) space for service oriented apps.  It’s really exciting to see DSL Tools as a technology that’s helping a start-up company get going. From the Himalia site: Himalia is a domain…



Just a quick note to say that I’ve switched my RSS feed to indirect via FeedBurner so I can get some easy stats. Please let me know if it causes you any problems.


Struggling to find the way in?

Larry O’Brien is struggling to find his way in to our toolset and he’s not finding our docs very helpful to him. He makes a point that brought me up sharp: “Microsoft’s approach emphasizes the use of a Visio-like design surface to create some form of directed-acyclic graph. I think the result is a visualization…


Built with DSL Tools: ActiveWriter

I just came across another product based on the DSL Tools.  It’s called ActiveWriter and it’s an entity designer for classes that are persisted using the ActiveRecord pattern on top of nHibernate.


Using a non-string property as an element name

By default, DSL Tools V1 uses domain properties of type “string” as names for its elements. If you try to use a property of some other type, for example Int32, you’ll get the following validation message: “Error 1 Domain Property Name is marked IsName, but has type System.Int32. Unless it has an ElementNameProvider, the type…


Upgrade installer bug in our DSL Tools V1 release for TextTemplating

Seems we let a side-by-side upgrade case slip by in our V1 release process; so you can end up with an old version of text templating on your machine if you upgraded from June, July or August CTPs to the September release. For more details and the fix, please look on our forum:…


DSL Tools V1 Released

We’ve Shipped! The VS2005 SDK V3 containing DSL Tools V1, can be downloaded from The DSLTools homepage will be updated to match shortly. Personally, this marks the culmination of the three years or so I’ve spent so far in the Visual Studio team.  We’ve gone from incubating the idea of productizing our modeling technology, to…