Beta1 -> Beta2 Uninstallation Order

Something to note for those of you who haven't yet migrated from the March CTP to the May CTP of the DSL Tools.

Uninstall order

  1. DSL Tools March 2005 CTP

  2. VSIP Beta 1

  3. Visual Studio Beta 1

Install Order

  1. Visual Studio Beta 2 (Professional or Team System Editions)

  2. VSIP Beta 2

  3. DSL Tools May 2005 CTP

This is because the March CTP of the DSL tools had a managed custom action in its uninstaller, which needs the Beta1 CLR to execute. (We've removed this from the May 2005 CTP).

If you're reading this and thinking rather crossly "Why didn't someone post about this before I did it the other way around?", then don't despair (too much).
The following tips should get you going, but they are a bit nuclear - Note, I haven't a machine in this state to try them on, so caveat emptor, back up your registry etc.

  1. Uninstall any beta2-related stuff that you've tried to install in the order DSL Tools, VSIP, Visual Studio.

  2. Delete the registry key HKLM/Software/Microsoft/VisualStudio/8.0

  3. Delete the registry key HKLM/Software/Microsoft/VisualStudio/8.0Exp

  4. Delete the directory <Program Files>\Microsoft Visual Studio 8

  5. Delete your DSL Tools installation directory under <Program Files>

  6. Now have a second try at the ordered installation steps earlier in this post.


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  4. you got to be kidding me! I wonder how you guys at MS install/unistall all these CTP builds that you release. It is getting a bit uncomfortable uninstalling a bunch of stuff. MS has to come up with a better plan with these CTPs or atleast some solid documentation around that.

    I am not dissing you but making you aware of an issue that I think you should bring up in your internal meetings.

    To give you an idea I am testing these CTPs:

    WinFX CTPs

    Expression Family CTPs

    DSL Tools CTPs

    You can imagine my pain…. </endrant>

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