May 2005 CTP of DSL Tools for Visual Studio Beta2 Released

I'm very pleased to say we've released our first version of the DSL Tools that works with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2.  Jochen has the details of what's in store this time.  The highlights are: list compartment shapes, multi-level embeddings manipulated in the model explorer and our new T4 text templating engine. With this release you can create working designers for a much wider range of  domain models, with compartment shapes allowing many more practical diagram types to represent them.

You can get the bits at

The workshop page and known issues will be updated over the next couple of days (after the long weekend) when the changes filter their way through the publishing system.

I hope you enjoy our new release - please keep the feedback coming in the MSDN Feedback center and the DSL Tools Forum.

[Edited: Missed the link for the MSDN Feedback center]

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