First CTP of DSL Tools Documentation

I’m pleased to say that thanks to our stirling User Education team, we’ve now got a first CTP of documentation around the DSL Tools.   This tranche is focussed on the T4 Text Templating engine and you can download it here.   Enjoy.     Update:Jonathan Perret pointed out that with XPSP2 you may need to…


Two really different types of API

Steven makes a really interesting reply to my question about API extension in his company’s tool.   Firstly he makes the very realistic point that user expectations of a mature tool are that it will have a much wider scope of features than a version one tool – he’s quite right there – there’s only so much…


Pseudomodels and intent

Wow – easily the most techy blog title I’ve ever had…   Harry has an interesting concept of pseudomodel in his reply to my earlier post on imprecise models. I like the term too actually, but I’m not so sure about his description of process.   He says I don’t think of writing code as…


New DSL Tools Samples and the VS SDK

As Stuart notes, there is a new update to our samples package available.Alan did most of the work to pull these samples together – nice one Alan. Stuart also notes that our next release will see the DSL Tools (and their samples) fully integrated into the main VS SDK.  We won’t have a lot of new content…


Just a few places left at UK Software Factories event on Friday

There are just a few places left at this event.   Solution Architect Forum: Defining, Building and Using Software Factories 09 December 2005 09:00 – 09 December 2005 16:45 (GMT) GMT, London Welcome Time: 08:30 Language: English Microsoft Ltd Chicago 1&2Building 3Microsoft Campus Thames Valley Park Reading Berkshire RG6 1WGUnited Kingdom   I’ll…


Imprecise Models and Killing Hippies

You’ll gather by now from the torrent of posts (well, a relative torrent for me) that I’m catching up on my blogging. We’ve been pretty heads down of late getting our latest CTP out of the door. Bear with me, this is a long one.   A while back, Harry had a post that was…


Fundamentally open approach to Domain Specific Tooling

My last post on our deployment tools and Rob’s comments on them suddenly seemed to me to be a case in miniature of our whole approach to domain specific tooling and why I’m passionate about it.   We take our domain-specific deployment language and convert it to WiX to get the installation job done. (WiX is itself…


DSL Tools Deployment – Domain-specific WiX or a DSL?

None other than Rob Mensching himself, the godfather of WiX, is kind enough to mention our new deployment feature on his blog. (And rest assured, we’ve already fixed our slightly embarrassing file extension typo bug 🙂 ).   As Rob says, “The DSL Setup Project is a specialized setup package builder.” i.e. it is a…


Welcome George

No sooner have we released the latest CTP then we have another blogger online talking about a T4 feature that’s going to be in the NEXT CTP after that!   Please welcome another of the talented developers from the DSL Tools team, George Mathew.


November CTP Launches

I’m extremely pleased to say that (as the others have noted) the November CTP of DSL Tools for the RTM version of Visual Studio 2005 is now available at our workshop page’s shiny new URL:   Our new features this time around are:     Validation of Constraints in Designers. This version of…