We’re out in the open – what tools are you going to build?

Finally we've announced the toolset that we're building and we're all off the leash to talk rather more openly.  You can read more about the announcement with Keith, Stuart, Steve and HarryRob has a summary of the coverage over on the Team System page.
So we're building a toolset to allow customers, systems integrators, ISVs etc. to create their own modeling tools hosted inside Visual Studio 2005 using the same engine that the Class Designer and Distributed Systems Designer are based on.  Our principal aim with this is to enable the Domain Specific Language portion of our Software Factories vision, but of course when you get a toolset for building visual designers, you can also build all kinds of different designers that we'd never considered people might even dream of.   Personally, I can't wait to see what left-field ideas for Visual Studio designers people come up with.  What would you build?
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