Postman – Continuous Integration with TFS/VNext Builds

Here is a walk through of cookbook to perform continuous integration of Postman Tests with TFS/VNext builds. PreRequisite: Postman – Create a json Project. (alternatively you can download from my Git here) VSTS Account Steps: Goto Builds in Visual Studio online profile Create a new build with a empty definition Add npm Task   4….

SoapUI – Continuous Integration with TFS/VNext Builds using TestRunner

Here is a walk through of cookbook to perform continuous integration of SoapUI Tests with VNext builds using TestRunner. Pre-Requisites: 1. Install Ready API – With license from here 2.Visual Studio Profile Steps: Create a SoapUI Project 1.Create a test suite in ReadyAPI tool. Have created a REST based project using the tutorial here. 2….

Hands-On with Cognitive API – Text Language Detection & Translation

Microsoft Cognitive Services (formerly Project Oxford) are a set of APIs, SDKs and services available to developers to make their applications more intelligent, engaging and discoverable. Microsoft Cognitive Services expands on Microsoft’s evolving portfolio of machine learning APIs and enables developers to easily add intelligent features – such as emotion and video detection; facial, speech…

Mobile Center: An E2E tool for Mobile App Build/Test/Deploy/Distribute in Cloud

Why? Its been a dream for the mobile developers to have an integrated environment to build, test, deploy and distribute the app. Microsoft has effectively implemented mobile center at the right time which would considerably reduce lot many manual effort for app deliverables.As the tool supports x-platform OS, its a boon for all the developers…


Xamarin Live : The path to test/deploy Apps Over Air !

How it would be if you could able to deploy a mobile app without having wired connectivity between your device and your machine. And that’s the power of Xamarin Live ! You can deploy a mobile app to your device without a hardware connectivity ex. connecting your device to your machine with a USB. Why…

Using Mind Maps instead of Test Cases !

A Mind Map is a graphical representation of an idea/concept/process flow. User can use symbolic representation to display the flow. In terms of testing, mind map can assist in covering the scenarios like equivalence/boundary valued etc. Nowadays, most of the testing activities happen in a traditional way, understanding requirements -> creating high level scenarios ->…


Open Source tools to capture UI Elements – Web/Mobile Platform

This content will help you to choose the appropriate tool for capturing UI elements for any automation. Web Inspector By default all the browsers have the developer tools integrated. a. Built-in Browser tools Pressing F12 in keyboard launches the developer tool. Here the user can point on any element -> Right click and Click on ‘Inspect…

Automate Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Application in Visual Studio using Appium

Universal Windows Platform, commonly knows as UWP. Microsoft provides a single app development framework which can be deployed to multiple devices which run on windows 10 devices like phone/surface/PC etc. In this topic we would go through the UWP automation of the ‘News App'(Desktop) using the Appium framework. Appium is a open source test automation…


White framework for automating WPF Application using Visual Studio

In this topic, we will discuss on using White Framework in Visual Studio for automating a wpf application To give an intro about white framework, this framework is .net based to automate win32/winform/wpf apps. Typically an object oriented API.   Tools/App used Solution name is WpfTestApplication download Snoop 2.8.0 from this is used for spying…


Continuous Integration (Test) using VSO & VNext Build through GIT

Below process will help to understand GIT integration with VSO for CI. We will be going through the below topics. VS TS Account creation GIT Integration with VSO Build Definition in VSO CI Configuration Test Implementation in CI 1. Create a new VS Team service account @   2. Create a team project 3….