Developing Games with Construct 2 Jump Start MVA

Do you have what it takes to create 2D games? Yes, you do! In fact, you can create one in just an hour, with Construct 2, and you don’t need any previous experience. Join experts James Quick and Shahed Chowdhuri on September 25, as they host “Developing Games with Construct 2,” a half-day Jump Start…


Weekend Links 06/29

Today I have many Windows Phone links, and please do not forget to check my previous post that talked about a great cause: Jennifer Ann’s Group that is “Preventing teen dating violence through Awareness, Education, and Advocacy.”   Learning Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Some developers in my area recommended…


Cool Links for your Weekend

A new cool collection of links to start your weekend. Next week I will be making some short videos on how to create quick games with Construct 2: Perfect subject for the summer. Introducing “Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide” Paul Thurrott is on a roll showing his love for Windows Phone, come and check…


Links for your weekend

Many of you may be leaving to take a couple of days off, so I better get you a good share of news for you to check on your spare time. Because, why not?   Backup and restore your app on Windows Phone 8.1, Part 1: Start screen  Windows Phone 8.1 improves the platform’s…


Weekend Links 02/23

I have been quite busy lately with some Saturday workshops, and have neglected our weekend ritual to share some cool links. But that has come to an end 🙂 New UI and capabilities for Windows Phone App Studio Beta developers Windows App Studio allowed you to create with a few clicks powerful apps for…


Weekend links 01/05

Let’s start the new year with a good note and some cool links to keep you occupied during the rest of the week. Build a Windows 8.1 App before dessert with Project Siena Christine Matheney brings us a cool post about the cool Project Siena that will help you create your awesome apps in a…


APIMASH: Twitter

One of the latest videos for the APIMASH is my Tara Walker’s twitter template episode in DEV Radio. Tune in as she is going to walk us through the steps on how to modify her example and have a cool Windows 8 App based on the popular social network.    Here is a direct link to…


Publish your Windows 8 App in 3 Steps

A few days ago a friend of mine told me she wanted to start creating some cool projects on her free time, but had no idea where or how to start. As an answer to her, and many other developers that may find themselves in the same situation, I will posting in the following weeks…


My video in the MSDN FLash

From time to time I tend to do something right 🙂 In the latest MSDN Flash my APIMASH video for the Univision Starter Kit was included in the showcased articles. You can find the MSDN Flash here: If you want to check some of my APIMASH related articles here: This list of articles…


Unity3D Contest!!

  GameDevs of the world Unite! Following the announcement of the close partnership between Microsoft and Unity, they have started the Unity contest for Windows and Windows Phone. You can check all the details here.   Just don’t forget:  Projects can be submitted for judging up to 11:59 p.m. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), on September 30, 2013….