Alien Halloween: New game and Video

As you may have seen, I have tried to share my game templates with you. The entire purpose of this is to help you create your own games and give you a solid base for your own ideas. Today I am going to share Alien Halloween with you. With this game I took my own…

FREE Game Templates in Construct 2

Hello guys, I have been creating several game templates that should help you to get a faster and polished products, or help you to learn Construct 2 much faster. In the following weeks I should find some time to polish these templates and get them all up to date. You will notice that some are…


New Year Game Resolutions

The year 2013 will be remembered for all the changes it brought me, especially in the gaming department. If you have been reading my posts you may know I have published over 20 games in the Windows Store. You can download them all for FREE and, if you have some time please leave some feedback….