Text Boxes in Construct 2 (Video Tutorial)

[bing_translator] In this video I check one of the most overlooked plugins in Construct 2: The Text Box. I will provide some examples of the different things that you can do with text boxes and how to solve a few specific problems that you may find in your own game development. Let me know what…


Weekend Links 08/16

After some days off I am back with renewed energy and lots of news, of course. Now is the time to Develop Windows Universal Apps! http://developer.telerik.com/featured/now-time-develop-windows-universal-apps/ Not long ago I had the privilege to meet Michael Crump in one of his presentations in a local meetup in the Microsoft offices. In this article Michael is sharing…


Construct 2 Game Development by Example: A review

Intro As you may already know, I am a great fan of Construct 2. It is not only a great tool for 2D game development, but is a great to create complex prototypes on the fly and help aspiring game developers get enough experience to create their first games. Well, a couple of weeks ago…


Summer Game Jam and JenniferAnn.org

Videogames are the perfect way to relax, to forget about your daily issues and just have a good time and be silly for a little while. That is perfectly fine. But sometimes games can be much more than that. They can inspire you, change your life, help you bond with friends and family and reach…


New Year Game Resolutions

The year 2013 will be remembered for all the changes it brought me, especially in the gaming department. If you have been reading my posts you may know I have published over 20 games in the Windows Store. You can download them all for FREE and, if you have some time please leave some feedback….


Hang Me!

Yesterday my new game, Hang Me, was published in the Windows Store. If you want to download it here is the link: http://bit.ly/hangmews You can check a quick trailer here: Hang Me!! Hang Me is a dangerous game with words. Common words should be easy to guess, but are you sure you will escape the gallows before…


Chili Calacas

Yesterday my new game, Chili Zombies, was published in the Windows Store. If you want to download it here is the link:http://bit.ly/Calacas You can check a quick trailer here: Chili Calacas Help Chili, the Cowboy, to survive El Día de los Muertos. These Calacas are fun, but have no love for our cowboy. This game…


Chili Zombies

Yesterday my new game, Chili Zombies, was published in the Windows Store. If you want to download it here is the link: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/chili-zombies/e6174585-b5b1-48e9-9f06-60dbe9d2d62f     Chili Zombies Help Chili, the Cowboy, to fight the zombie infestation in his small town. Don’t forget to get more ammo to fight the brain eaters!! This game is included…


Escape from the Pumpkins

Continuing the Halloween themed games, today I bring you an infinite jumper: Super G Pumpkin Escape that you can download in the Windows Store!!!  Super G Pumpkin Escape The evil pumpkins want to catch Super G. Help him to keep jumping and avoid their pie smelling breath. The simple controls with your keyboard or touch…


Halloween Games

The creepiest night of the year is almost here, and that is just the perfect mood to release these two games. My games have been created with Construct 2 and I will be releasing the .capx project to allow beginner Game Devs use them as starter kits.    Super G Pumpkin Invaders Super G has…