Weekend Links 07/26

Here we are again, the summer moves along and the news and articles keep coming. So, let’s get to it.   Windows Store App – Using Facebook to authenticate the user http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mspfe/archive/2014/07/25/windows-store-app-using-facebook-to-authenticate-the-user.aspx If you want to integrate Facebook Into your Windows Application, this is the link for you. In a 20 minutes video, Gianluca Bertelli gives…

Weekend Links 07/20

I have been away for a few days of summer vacation, but do not despair, the news links will keep coming.   Windows Developer Program for IoT now rolling out https://channel9.msdn.com/coding4fun/blog/Windows-Developer-Program-for-IoT-now-rolling-out In my latest presentation in a local meetup 2 things caught the attention of all assistants: Voice recognition with Cortana and Internet of Things….

Local Games: Matchingo

A couple of days ago I had the distinctive pleasure to talk with Roger Peters, a local developer that was excited to show us his latest invention: Matchingo – A Memory Matching Game    You can Download it for FREE here!!   I had a great time with the game and I think it is…


Games for your Holidays

It is great to get in touch with a team as active as GPI’s. They have been publishing a great amount of games in the last weeks and I would miss the opportunity to point you to their games in the Windows Store. I will list some of their cool games and remind you that…