APIMASH: Twitter

One of the latest videos for the APIMASH is my Tara Walker’s twitter template episode in DEV Radio. Tune in as she is going to walk us through the steps on how to modify her example and have a cool Windows 8 App based on the popular social network.    Here is a direct link to…


My video in the MSDN FLash

From time to time I tend to do something right 🙂 In the latest MSDN Flash my APIMASH video for the Univision Starter Kit was included in the showcased articles. You can find the MSDN Flash here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/cc524082.aspx If you want to check some of my APIMASH related articles here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/gamewords777/archive/tags/apimash/ This list of articles…


APIMASH Videos: Instagram API

Today’s video was made by Stacy Mulcahy and showcases the Instagram API Starter Kit. Check the video to learn how to use the API of the popular social network in your own APPs. So, let’s get started: Next Steps  Step #1 – Download the Tools for Windows 8 App Development Step #2 – Download Visual Studio Express for Windows 8 Step…


APIMASH Videos: Chuck Norris & Rotten Tomatoes Starter Kits

Today we present a video for Two starter kits from Bob Familiar. The first one is the Chuck Norris Starter Kit, a simple project that will give you the basics repeated in most projects of the APIMASH. The second one is the Rotten Tomatoes Starter Kit, a great example that shows us how to connect…


APIMASH Videos: StackExchange Starter Kit

And here we have another video for the series of posts related with the APIMASH. This time Michael Cummings gives us an overview of the StackExchange Starter Kit. Tune in as he walks us through the steps required to get started and how you can leverage this knowledge to build your own Windows 8 apps.    Here…


APIMASH Videos: Active Access Starter Kit

Continuing our APIMASH series now we have Maria Naggaga giving us an overview of the Active Access Starter Kit. Tune in as she walks us through the steps required to get started and how you can leverage this knowledge to build your own Windows 8 apps.     Here is a direct link to the episode on channel 9. Next Steps …


New Construct 2 Workshop

In a previous post I already told you about some of our workshops. This time we are creating a new Construct 2 workshop hand in hand with the Georgia Game Developer Association:   In this beginner level HANDS-ON workshop we will cover the basics of game design, programming and publication. We will build a casual…


APIMASH Videos: Exploring the Social Networking API’s

This post continues the series of posts related with the APIMASH. The Microsoft Technical Evangelists G. Andrew Duthie, Lindsay Lindstrom, and Tara Walker will show you how to use several popular social networking APIs like Twitter, Facebook and Meetup in your own projects.     Video Guide [00:40] Overview of the APIMASH project (G. Andrew Duthie)…


APIMASH Videos: Exploring the Mashery API’s

In this video of the live webcast for the APIMASH the Microsoft Evangelists Maria Naggaga and Jim O’Neil with the participation of Amit Jotwani (Developer evangelist at Mashery) will give us an introduction to the different APIs hosted in Mashery.     Video Guide [00:00] Introductions and overview [05:55] Mashery Overview and demo [18:25] Accessing the…


APIMASH Videos: WoW API Starter Kit

World of Warcraft API Starter Kit In the fourth part of this series of videos for the APIMASH  you can check how Dave Isbitski shows his World of Warcraft API Starter Kit. You can watch his quick demo on how to get started with this workable app template and get started today building your own Windows 8 app….