Create your own Tower Defense XV, Generic Template

Today I am sharing with you another video from my Twitch channel with my series GameDev Adventures.

This video is the fifteenth part that will help you to understand the different aspects of a classic Tower Defense game and how to implement them in Construct 2.

In this video you can see how I use a generic template I have tweaked, to take the game closer to a fully finished game.

Here you can find the links for the previous parts: 

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Create your own Tower Defense III                                      Create your own Tower Defense IV 

Part 5, Creep Waves                                      Part 6, Creep Waves II

  Part 7, Creep Waves III                                  Part 8, Creep Waves IV

      Part 9, Waves V                                              Part10 Creep Animations

   Part 11, Health Bars                                      Part 12 Adding the Score 

Part XIII, Money                                                 Part XIV, Lives                


All the videos can also be found in my YouTube Channel even after they have been deleted from Twitch. 


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  1. Jarbs says:

    Good day sir. Why is the video stuck?

    The audio keeps playing but the video is stuck…

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