FREE Game Templates in Construct 2

Hello guys, I have been creating several game templates that should help you to get a faster and polished products, or help you to learn Construct 2 much faster.

In the following weeks I should find some time to polish these templates and get them all up to date. You will notice that some are more polished in their behaviors and graphics. Also, to get them ready for Github I should make certain that I have translated all comments and should create a nice description of the project.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the templates, many more should be available soon.

• Roguelike Alien

Top down adventure with randomly generated scenarios. Virtual thumbstick for touch controlled devices. Keyboard support. Polished art from @KenneyWings. Shadow management for Mobs. Full game already published in the store:

• Chili Zombies

Side scrolling shooting. Gamepad implementation. Ready to use mouse, keyboard and touch.

• The Falling
Game that I reserved to explain in around 45 mins to students. Many of the videos in my channel ( ) explain the details of this one.

• Doodle Bombs
Platformer with my own kind of twist. Perfect to explain the bullet behavior.

• Falling Xmas
Xmas themed platformer.

• Flappy In the Storm
Riding the Flappy Bird wave. Using a C2 template I polished and completed a full game.

• Pumpkin Escape
My take on Doodle Jump. Infinite jumper with a few twists like falling zombies.

• Santa Vs Zombies
My kind of Xmas. Infinite Runner.

• S G Runner
One of my first infinite runners. Not the best, but simple to modify.

• S G Storm
Copter like game.

• Super G
My first Infinite Jumper. It has inclinometer support.

• Tainted Love   (Yes, I do like to created stupid links that put weird ideas in your head. I have issues, I know 🙂
Valentine’s themed platformer.

• Super G Invaders
Not the best graphics, but it was my take on Space Invaders.


You may see that some games are incredibly much more polished than others, and that is because I was learning about C2 at the same time I was publishing the games. So, you should be able to find games for all tastes and expertise levels.


Let me know what you think of them.

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  1. BlueBerry says:

    These are a great resource for learning Construct 2, I had a look at all of them. Thank you very much! So do I understand correctly that I would be able to use parts of these or modify them for my own projects commercially or are they just for learning?

  2. hielo777 says:

    Hello Blueberry,

    First, thanks for the nice comment.

    Second, you are correct, you can use the templates and use them however you want.

    Please let me know if there is any other kind of template you are interested in and any other subject you want me to cover.

  3. Blueberry says:

    Cool, that's very generous. I really liked all of the examples, especially the Alien game with randomly generated maps. Actually I'm getting along with C2 really nicely already (it's so fast and easy to use for small games), but since you were so nice to ask I have a proposition (or challenge) and that would be to create a 2D  "pseudo 3D" racing game like Outrun or Pole Position in Construct 2.

    There's an amazing html5/JS tutorial on the matter here:…/javascript_racer

    I think I can see how to create the road in C2 but adding other cars and the road side elements seems harder to wrap my head around and translate from JS to C2.

    Anyway I do understand if you don't have the time to research this, and thanks again for all your cool example games!

  4. TROY says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    HELLO. This question is for Flappy Bird. I have my own version of the game but I plan to publish to Playstore and Appstore. However, how do you keep high score on the players smartphones instead of on the webstorage?? Thank you.

  5. hielo777 says:

    Blueberry, I will check the tutorial and figure out if I can make the tutorial you are asking for. But I have to say that it could take quite some time, not only it is a little more complex than the tutorials I have been publishing but it could take much longer to set up.

    In any case it is a great suggestion and I will look more into it.

  6. hielo777 says:

    Hello Troy,

    The webstorage plugin may have a misleading name, because it is just using the storage capabilities of the browser, it is not storing anything on the web. So, if you are running a game in your phone you will have your score saved in your device.

    So, the webstorage is the way to go to achieve what I think you want to do. I should create a tutorial about that.

    I hope I understood the question correctly.

    Now, if you want something different like a leader board, you may need a more complicated solution.

  7. Troy says:

    Thank you Hielo for your previous answer.

    Right now I am learning how to make Match 3 puzzle game tutorial from David Silvermans site: (…/make-a-match-3-game-in-construct-2-the-basics–gamedev-8071).

    However, I tried to modify his game's grid to 8×8, but turned out to be a mess. If you could help me and other newbies out that would be great.

  8. Anjani says:

    It's very generous of you to share this on public. I hope you always have a wonderful life because your kindness.

    Btw, I'm working on project to fullfill my last task in school. I was thinking about make a Traffic Game on Construct 2 like this (…/i-love-traffic) but I'm confused on waiting line if I press red light. Have you ever build a game like this? Or would you like to help me how to work it out?

    Thank you for your attention 🙂

  9. hielo777 says:

    Hello Troy,

    I have seen that Match 3 tutorial and have played with it a little. I will try to find some time to modify it and explain how to do so. I can't promise that is going to be soon because this month I have to cover a good number of things. But thanks for your comment and patience.

  10. hielo777 says:

    Hello Anjani,

    I have not created a game like this. Quite likely I would add some sprites the Bullet behavior to make them move like cars, and then add an instance variable to know the direction they are coming from (up, down, left or right) that way when you ad a traffic light you can stop the cars that come from one way.

    If I have some time I will try to make a quick example, but like I said to Troy, I don't make any promises 🙂

  11. Raphael Campos says:

    hielo777, thank you for sharing! I'll take a look as soon as possible!

    And about the recomendation from Blueberry, I was seeing the javascript_racer someday, and, I need to say, I'd love to see the tutorial to achieve this in Contruct 2.

  12. Ritu says:

    What should I follow if I want a leaderboard in my game which links to our database on server. Please suggest

  13. Android Guru Glasgow says:

    Wow what a great little place, very nice of you to do this for others, i am very interested to see if there will be future templates, maybe ask others to upload any templates they would like to share, would be cool and once i get some worthy templates i would be happy to upload here and share free as you have been so nice to do, well done and thanks

  14. hielo777 says:

    Ritu, I think you may find several ways to implement a leader board, depending on your game and the infrastructure you want to maintain.

    I would recommend take a look at the documentation of the Ajax plugin and check my colleague's blog post:…/construct-2-global-high-scores-with-azure-mobile-services-rest-api.aspx

    I may do some tutorial in the future, but at the moment I still have to finish my Tower Defense series.

  15. hielo777 says:

    Hello Android Guru Glasgow,

    I am glad you like the post and the templates. I am currently finishing a "Create your own Tower Defense" series and I have been publishing the different .capx in the Scirra Arcade.

    This is the latest game tutorial published:…/create-your-own-tower-defense-xii-358

    And you can check the videos (16 so far) in my YouTube Channel

    Do you have a suggestion for any new templates? I may go for it but, as you may see, the suggestion list only keeps growing 🙂

    I would love to provide a place to upload more templates and allow the community to upload their own.

    Would you like to work with me creating a new cool template?

    Have a great day.

  16. C2 Noobie says:

    Hi there Hielo! Just found your blog and these capx's are awesome! I'm learning Construct 2 at the moment and these will surely help me understand C2 as I am not a programmer. Thank you very much for taking the time in making these projects and share them! 😀

    I checked your youtube video on the Tower Defense tutorial and I learned a lot! 😀

  17. cayla says:

    Hi , I'm using your super g template but as soon as I start playing I run into an enemy that isn't actually there. I'm pretty new to construct 2 and can't figure out the problem.

  18. Roy Robinson says:

    Hi hielo777

    I have tied the Falling Xmas Template and when I click the Pause Button then click the Play Button the Keyboard Arrows do not work unless you click on the screen arrows . the game works corrctly when the spacebar is used to pause. Could you please let me know if there is a rectification as I want to surprise my grandchilder with a game modified to them for Christmas.

    regards Roy

  19. Jay says:

    Could you upload the Chili Zombies game properly, i think you made an error while uploading this game. Instead you uploaded the autosave.capx file

  20. Jay says:

    You have not well properly uploaded the chilli zombies game, its an auto save base file type. Can you do the necessary.

  21. Mr. U.Pngn says:

    Hi, would be kind enough to build me a basic template for a game idea i have in mind using construct 2?



    email me on

  22. BigMark says:

    First off thank you for taking the time to do this. You've done an amazing job and we can all learn from you.

    Thank you…

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