Developing Games with Construct 2 Jump Start MVA

Do you have what it takes to create 2D games?

Yes, you do! In fact, you can create one in just an hour, with Construct 2, and you don’t need any previous experience. Join experts James Quick and Shahed Chowdhuri on September 25, as they host “Developing Games with Construct 2,” a half-day Jump Start training with live Q&A.

You may recognize Shahed from his key role in the Construct 2 Indie Game Developers Facebook page and James from ITPalooza! They are the perfect hosts for this event, walking you through step-by-step demos and exploring the popular “drag-and-drop” tool. See how easy it is to set up Construct 2, build games, and publish to the Microsoft platform. You can even get blog posts and video links to supplement your learning. Don't miss this chance to get started creating games!

Course Outline

  • Download and Install Construct 2
  • Learn Techniques for Building Games in Construct 2
  • Explore Available Templates for Construct 2 Games
  • Export Games to Windows Phone and Windows 8
  • Submit Games To Windows Phone and Windows 8

Register now! (linkto:

Developing Games with Construct 2

Date:  September 25, 2014
Time: 9am‒1pm
Where: Online virtual classroom with live Q&A
Cost: Free!

Twitter Chat

On Monday 09/22 we will also have a twitter chat about the jumpstart and Construct 2 in general. So, do not forget to follow me at @hielo777 and James at @jquickwit and Shahed at @shahedc


James Quick | Microsoft Technical Evangelist | @jquickwit

James Quick graduated from Vanderbilt University with a double major in Computer Science and Spanish. During the last two years, he spent time inside and outside of the classroom exploring mobile application development on the Android platform, creating one app that currently has more than 20,000 downloads. After graduation, he joined Microsoft as the Technical Evangelist in South Florida, focusing on mobile application development for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Since that time, he has worked with all different kinds of people (students, professionals, game developers, and more). This includes giving professional development training for Miami Dade High School teachers and Miami Dade College professors, leading numerous workshops in the community, and speaking at local events, such as ITPalooza and South Florida Code Camp.

Shahed Chowdhuri | Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist | @shahedc

​​Shahed Chowdhuri is a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft and a public speaker in the DC Metro area. In his spare time, he builds indie games and dev tools via OnekSoft Games and OnekSoft Labs. He is also the founder of multiple game development groups on Facebook: Xbox One Indie Devs, Unity Indie Devs, and Construct 2 Indie Game Developers. Follow Shahed on his blog.


My videos

You can also prepare for the course checking my videos and preparing questions for our twitter chat or you can ask during the MVA, I will be helping to answer questions in the chat window!! 

I will say good bye leaving you with one of my videos:



Comments (4)
  1. hielo777 says:

    I am glad you like it Mustafa. If you are developing a game, or just want to share your experiences as a developer, just let me know!

  2. Nib says:

    Hi thank you for the info… There is one problem with Construct 2 and Windows Phone: The data is stored only temporarily and could be deleted when the user deletes the browsing history resulting the loss of highscores and game progress unfortunately.. Because of that I think that Construct 2 with WP isn't stable

  3. hielo777 says:

    Hello Nib,

    Let me ask you, how are you saving your score? If you are using the WebStorage plugin of Construct 2, then it is working exactly as intended. Construct 2 uses the devices browser capabilities to store information, and if the history is deleted then the score is deleted too. That is not a problem of Construct 2, or even the Windows Phone, that is how it should work in all devices.

    If you want a permanent solution, you should not use WebStorage. You could try to create your own file (xml, for example) or use a cloud based solution.

    If you want help with your game, just let me know and I will try to fix your problems.

    Also, how often do you think a normal user deletes their phone's browser history? I don't even remember doing it in the last year. So it is not a problem that most users will face. I think it is a little overblown calling it unstable in WP when it is working as expected (if Webstorage is used) and only a small number of users will have that problem.

    In any case, let me know if I can help you with your games.

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