Local Games: Matchingo

A couple of days ago I had the distinctive pleasure to talk with Roger Peters, a local developer that was excited to show us his latest invention: Matchingo - A Memory Matching Game 


You can Download it for FREE here!!


I had a great time with the game and I think it is awesome that we can see games like this in the area.

To do the game some justice I will proceed to use Roger's words to describe the game and then I will give you my quick review:

  • Memory matching fun with varying difficulty
  • The best looking matching game ever made
  • Dozens of custom backgrounds and image sets to unlock
  • Support for English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German languages
  • Totally free!




My Thoughts

I do see a lot of potential for this game. The mechanics are not complicated and Roger is stating that is suitable for young kinds, but I am almost certain that with a few additions it could be incredibly addictive for all ages.

The graphics are simple but quite polished, they deliver and do not detract from the experience.

Roger has already published the game in several platforms and I would not be surprised if the lessons he learns with a broad audience will improve this, and futures games, incredibly.


Give the game a couple of your minutes and let your thoughts find Roger's way using the rating section in the store. 


Now go back to your deserve weekend break and wait for some news links from me soon.






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  1. Shamim says:

    Many thanks for idea. I hope kids will enjoy this game.

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