Weekend Links 03/29

To end the month with a high note, I am writing this post in the fist break of the Global Azure Bootcamp 🙂  If you still have not checked Azure, what are you waiting for ?!!?!? This week will be all Azure for me.

DirectX 12 to boost gaming on Windows Phone devices, Qualcomm says


Gamers rejoice!!! A new era for computer graphics has arrived. Microsoft's commitment to bring a new experience in entertainment is getting a new momentum and all developers will soon be ready to experiment with the latest edge in technology and bring us incredible new games.


Flappity Flap


My take on the entire Flappy Bird craze. I made a quick version using Construct 2 and tried to add some spice to the mix. Download it, is FREE.



Top 5 reasons for Microsoft fans to dump Google Docs for Office Online


You may have heard some interesting news about Office this week. Well, our friends at the Windows Phone Central made a strong argument on why Office is a leader in the industry and you should test the online offers we have.


Go beyond the native podcast support in Windows Phone with Podcast Critter


For all podcasts aficionados out there, we have an incredible app for you. Just load it in your Windows Phone and enjoy away my friend.


Step-by-step building a companion Windows Store app for SharePoint 2013 public-facing website


For all of you that have enjoyed the Sharepoint advantages in the last few years and have a cool idea that takes the shape of a cool app, this could be the perfect guide for you.


How to create custom shapes in Windows Store apps


And more app goodies for you.


And this is it. I hope March brought a lot of cool things in your life, and remember to protect yourself from pranks in a couple of days.

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