Weekend Links 03/16

Links, links, links. This may be all you need to have some fun on your weekend. Or at least you can end up reading some cool info, right?

20 Must Have Apps for Windows Phone 8



A cool list with something for everyone. I found a couple that were not in my radar, and now I have this week to test them out.

Flappity Flap


My take on the entire Flappy Bird craze. I made a quick version using Construct 2 and tried to add some spice to the mix. Download it, is FREE.


Less swiping altogether - Windows Phone's Start screen 'For The Win'


 is analyzing the pros and cons of the UIs of the major player in the mobile market and is letting us know why he keeps coming to the Windows Phone.


Corona SDK coming to Windows devices thanks to open source ANGLE project


If you are a game developer you may have heard about the Corona SDK, a quite popular 2D platform made by Corona Labs. You may even be using it to create your own games for other platforms. Well, soon you won;t have an excuse, you will have an easy way to port your games to our devices. So, stay tuned and give it a try.


Weekend Reading


Directly from the Official Microsoft Blog: Titan Fall, Office 365, Mohamed Tariq Jaffar who is perhaps the youngest developer for our platforms, and more.




If you are into cloud computing, here is the greatest demo. EVER. Ok, maybe the title is a little optimistic, but I am sure you will love it.


Magma Mobile’s 14 games reap 2.5 million downloads in three months on Windows Phone


If you still have doubts that you can make it as an indie developer, check the experience of Magma Mobile.


And that is it for this my friends.

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