Create your Own Christmas Game

This is a video tutorial to create a game similar to my own Christmas Factory. You can download it for FREE at

The game was created with Construct 2 (Download free at and it shows the basics of a 2D game with this cool game engine.

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Would love to hear your feedback on this tutorial or any of my games.


If you prefer to watch smaller videos I broke the full tutorial in the following 6 videos:


Create your own Christmas Game I

Construct 2 basics and set up for the game.


Create your own Christmas Game II

Events, the logic of the game.


Create your own Christmas Game III



 Polishing the first steps. Adding the background.

Create your own Christmas Game IV

Adding more elements: Falling gifts.


Create your own Christmas Game V

Collision with the gifts, the real action of the game. Global variables and more events.


Create your own Christmas Game VI

Final touches: Score, game over and final rants.

 My other games 

You can check my other FREE games at: 



Comments (3)
  1. anna says:

    when could i make a chrismas game i don't like to watch how to make a chrismas.

  2. anna says:

    i don't like to do this for fun other games are fun and how do make a christmas game!

  3. hielo777 says:

    Hello Anna,

    I am sorry you don't find the tutorial so entertaining. any constructive criticism is welcome. If you want to find great finished games you can check my own:

    Or you can just scout the Windows Store for an amazing experience.

    In the Scirra Arcade you can also find many amazing games.

    Merry Christmas to you.

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