Weekend links 12/14

And we are Back!!! After having some complicated vacations I wanted to re start with a good note and bring you some cool articles with Microsoft related news, and technology in general!

Publish your apps now to take advantage of the biggest holiday season yet


In case you need more reasons to consider our platforms to create your next cool app, just check this article! The One Microsoft strategy is bringing some incredible technologies together and is bringing developers an exciting set of opportunities and space to grow. So, what are you waiting for?


My Christmas Games



On Thursday I published two new games for this season: Santa Vs Zombies and Hang Me Christmas. They want to keep your holiday entertained with a twisted sense of humor. You can check my other games in the Windows Store.


You may flaming skulls too 🙂

Be Socl


The Microsoft FUSE labs bring you this new cool social experience (hence the name) that has me quite entertained in the last few days. The image from above is a pic tale, part tweet, part game, part meme and all around cool. That is just one of the cool examples you can find. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Inside the Microsoft Model Shop


Hardware does not come out of thin air, the entire process from a simple idea to a full functional gizmo in the stores is an interesting one and today Channel 9 brings you a glimpse of what goes on at the Model shop.


10 Lesser-Known features of Windows Operating System


Windows is so complex and in constant evolution, so there is a good chance that you have missed some juicy tidbits here and there.


Windows Phone: The Best Low-light Smartphone Camera


Do you still wonder why so many people are trying the Windows Phone?


Spoiled by Windows


Dave Ward tells us why he loves Windows .


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