Games for your Holidays

It is great to get in touch with a team as active as GPI's. They have been publishing a great amount of games in the last weeks and I would miss the opportunity to point you to their games in the Windows Store.

I will list some of their cool games and remind you that you can also check my own games here!!! 


Gravity Dog Adventure

Hunting has never been this challenging or fun, even worse when you are the one being hunted! Get ready to defy gravity and pass over obstacles in the most clever game app ever! Download HERE!!

And don't forget to rate this puppy!!

I certainly love the style of this one and how the simple mechanics can be addictive.


Love Elephants

This game is about a love story between Berny and Guisa. The love each other, the always want to be together. Download HERE!!!

With that name, how can you not download this one??

FigureTrix Madness

BlockTrix are game pieces shaped like tetrominoes, geometric shapes composed of four square blocks each. A random sequence of Tetriminos fall down the playing field (a rectangular vertical shaft, called the "well" or "matrix"). Download HERE!!!

You like puzzles? Try this one!!

Alien's Nest

Poor alien baby!!!
The little alien baby left the nest and doesn't know how to get back... Can you help him please?
The goal of this game is simple; bring the alien baby back to its nest, Do you think you can make this happen? then Download this Game!!!


Save The Mouse

This physics puzzle is packed with 72 addictive levels! To cut the rope just slash it with your finger... And physics will do the rest! You can Download the Game HERE!! 

Different levels with awesome challenges.

Colors Collide

Looking for an innovating, challenging and fun game? Look no more! This Puzzler will sate your need for new mechanics and fun themes. Download it here!!


Dot Push Puzzle

Looking for the latest addictive game that will challenge your brain? This is it! Bring sparkle to your day with this fin and challenging game! Download Here!!


Let me know what you think of these games. GP has an awesome record with their games and are always looking for your comments to improve the fun and challenge of their games.



Ah! and check my games too!!





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  1. linkologia says:

    Looks like old school type of game. I'm lovin these kinds of games 🙂

  2. hielo777 says:

    That kind of games is quite entertaining and addictive because the mechanics allow you can play them at any time, and are challenging enough to keep you glued to them.

    I have tried in my own games ( to repeat the same kind of experience.

    It would be great if you give feedback to the developers so they can create even better games to keep you entertained.

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