Weekend links 11/17

We are back with more great links to start the week. It has been a busy week for Microsoft that shows the great energy we have to start the holidays.


What’s new in VS2013 for Windows Phone Developers


Are you wondering what is so great about Visual Studio 2013? this is the link for you.


The Turkey Games


If you have a few minutes you can check my games, download them (for FREE) at the Windows Store.

Join in the creative fun and share your doodles with Didlr for Windows 8


My wife loved Draw Something, and now she has a great alternative in her laptop.


Microsoft Releases Official App For Windows 8.1 To Print 3D Objects


The future of technology is coming to us in many ways and shapes, and Microsoft is at the cutting edge of it all.


Racing to the checkered flag: Lotus F1 Team rolls out Microsoft Dynamics AX in its Aerodynamics Division


Microsoft likes to run fast and the Lotus team found the right partner to keep improving their racing path.


Microsoft opens new Cybercrime center for combating cybercrimes


Cybercrime is a hazard of modern life and we got your back.


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