Game Update

I just created a short trailer to showcase the updated version of my game Pumpkin Escape that you can download at the Windows Store 

And again here is the links to the Windows Store:

Pumpkin Escape is an infinite jumper, so the main purpose is to keep Super G jumping on the clouds while he avoids the enemies, that in this updated version include Zombies!!!!

You can check the list of all my games in the Windows Store HERE!! 


Hang Me!!

Hang Me is a dangerous game with words. Common words should be easy to guess, but are you sure you will escape the gallows before you make 5 mistakes?

My games have been created with Construct 2 and I will be releasing the .capx project to allow beginner Game Devs use them as starter kits.

You can find this game in the Windows Store here: 


Chili Calacas

Help Chili, the Cowboy, to survive El Día de los Muertos. These Calacas are fun, but have no love for our cowboy. 

Download at the Windows Store:

Chili Zombies

Help Chili, the Cowboy, to fight the zombie infestation in his small town. Don't forget to get more ammo to fight the brain eaters!!

Download at the Windows Store:

Pumpkin Defense

Now you can clone Super G to defend his Mora Smoothies from the Evil Pumpkins. Help him to save Halloween and enjoy his candies.

Download at the Windows Store:

Pumpkin Invaders

Super G has to stop the aggressive Mindless pumpkins that want to ruin Halloween. Help him to destroy them before they reach . This a starter kit created by the Microsoft Developer Evangelists team.

Download at the Windows Store:


Let me know what you think of these games, and suggest new starter kits with Construct 2.
The links to download them are here:
Super G Chain Reaction
Super G
Space Chain
Super G Runner
Super G Defense
Super G Through the Storm



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