Weekend Links 10/26

This was a busy week for Microsoft, so it is only fair that you receive your weekly dose of links to keep you up to date.


Windows 8.1: What you need to know (FAQ)


 I know, you may already have all the information you need, but if you are still undecided, or just want to make sure you are not missing any cool detail of our cooler, awesome, great update, well this is the link for you.


Microsoft makes $5.2 billion net profit, Surface sales on the rise


Like I said before, great news this week with record profit and recent launches of Windows 8.1 and the new Surface. It is good to see the hard work of a great group of people come to fruition.


Review: Microsoft Surface 2 a worthy iPad rival


In case you were wondering how great the Surface is, here you can get a good idea on why you should go to the store and try it.


Surface Pro 2 Is a Workhorse PC Like No Other


A second review does not hurt anyone, and this one is focused on the Pro version of our great Surface friend.


Localization Made Easy with Multilingual App Toolkit


This is perfect if you are interested in learning how to reach new markets with your Windows Phone apps. Remember that it is available in 191 and, in case you forgot, the Windows Phone app market in China is bigger than it is in the US.


CollectionViewSource is crazy useful for binding to filtered Observable Collections on Windows Phone 8


You have heard of Scott Hanselman, right? if not, this is a great chance to dive in one of his articles. This time he brings us some Windows Phone goodies.


Step by Step Guide: Create, Publish & Monitor a Windows Azure Website from Visual Studio 2013


This one is for people interested in the rising star in the Microsoft cosmos: Azure


7 Top Free Must Have Apps For Windows 8


You just installed Windows 8, or updated to 8.1, and have not idea where to start with your apps? This article gives you some nice links to follow, so don't miss them. I particularly like the Comics app, you love comics, right?


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