Chili Zombies

Yesterday my new game, Chili Zombies, was published in the Windows Store. If you want to download it here is the link:



Chili Zombies

Help Chili, the Cowboy, to fight the zombie infestation in his small town. Don't forget to get more ammo to fight the brain eaters!!

This game is included in my Halloween themed pack and includes several new elements like a thumbstick to give support to touch screens and professionally made art (Yeah, I had to look around to find public art I could use)

My games have been created with Construct 2 and I will be releasing the .capx project to allow beginner Game Devs use them as starter kits.

You can find this game in the Windows Store here:

Let me know what you think of these games, and suggest new starter kits with Construct 2.
The links to download them are here:
Super G Pumpkin Escape
Super G Chain Reaction
Super G
Space Chain
Super G Runner
Super G Defense
Super G Through the Storm


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