Game Jam and SIEGE

You may remember that I invited you to participate in the CDC Health Game Jam 2013. I took place this past weekend and I had the chance to be there and meet some of the incredible game developers that in 48 hours created amazing games to raise consciousness about different health issues.

Most of the participants were located in Georgia, but many teams included members that came from other states or that used Skype to work from their home bases. Each team had the chance to talk with different CDC scientists about the health issue of their preference and then proceeded to create a cool game around it.

To be able to be considered for the final you had to present a working game by Sunday's afternoon, and also you had the chance to create a short video to showcase different aspects of your game.

If you want to see Atlanta news coverage of the event just follow this link:

I am going to show you a few pictures I took at the end:

This team created a mobile game that used the GPS capabilities of the device to create an interactive world around you.  


Tabletop games were also presented in the Jam, their focus was team gameplay.


This team picked Construct 2 after one of the members attended to one of my workshops. They just wanted to participate but were able to make it to the final Five !!!



A tactical game where all your decisions affect the lives in your fictional country.



Not the best picture of this awesome Unity3D game. I have to invite these guys to our Unity workshops.



Viruses, bacteria, and micro organisms of all kinds served a inspiration for most games.



You Got to love a nice, "healthy" Tower defense.



"Let's use laser to create our graphics"



One of the teams having a short interview after they got exhausted developing their game.



Oculus Rift was part of the show too.


The 5 finalists of the Jam were announced at the closing ceremony and one team will be awarded the CDC's main prize during the upcoming Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo (SIEGE).  I already have my favorites, but I will let the judges use their experience and pick the team that embodied the CDC's goals the best.

I hope to see all of you there and also invite you to the next jam in January.

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