Videos: My 1st Game with Construct 2

In different workshops with Construct I tend to create a simple game that showcases the basics of the tool, and help as a base for the attendees to create their own games.

Today I want to share 5 short videos that sum around 40 minutes on how to create one of these simple games: The Falling.

This game has a simple mechanic, the player should maintain a little ball in the screen, moving in between rising platforms that makes it hard to keep on the screen.

The .capx file can be downloaded here:!2021  with this file you can create your own game and experiment to get different mechanics in place.


Part I: Intro, interface and first sprites



Part II: Adding movement to the platforms



Part III: Adding the game logic



Parte IV: Game Over



Parte V: Score and final touches




Soon I will create new tutorials following this format, please let me know your thoughts about this series and what you would like to see.

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