Construct 2: Windows 8 Summer Competition

Lately I have been playing with the wonderful tool Construct 2, and my team have run a fair amount of events over the past few months demonstrating how easy it is to build games for Windows 8 with it. Next weekend I will be in charge of a small workshop that will help you to get your apps fast on the Windows Store (or Windows Phone store)!

Now Microsoft is teaming up with Scirra to give you even more incentives!!!

Enter the Windows 8 Summer Competition: Create or port an existing game with Construct 2, get in into the Windows Store by June 21st. Do note though that these have to be new applications to the store, published after the start of this competition.

There are actually two parts to this competition: one based on judges’ ratings and the other a random sweepstakes drawing. The prizes at stake include:

Judged Portion
1st Windows 8 Touch Device         
Window Phone 8 HTC 8X         
Construct 2 Business License
2nd Windows 8 Touch Device          Construct 2 Personal License
3rd Windows Phone 8 HTC 8x         Construct 2 Personal License
4th-10th Construct 2 Personal License
Sweepstakes Portion

FIFTY (50) $100 vouchers redeemable at the Scirra store.            

Each app that meets the criteria counts as one entry into the sweepstakes, but use Windows Azure Mobile Services in your game and you get two bonus entries – for a total of three for that one game.            

Be sure to check out the Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 plugin to get you on your way!


So how do you enter? Once your game is published to the Windows Store (by June 21st, remember), e-mail Andrew Webber the following details:

  • Your name
  • The title of the application
  • Your publisher ID
  • The URL to your app (taken from your developer dashboard)
  • The Microsoft account (formerly Live ID) associated with your Windows Azure account (if you're using it for the app).

Winners will be notified by July 31st, 2013.


And if you are in the Atlanta area come to the workshop this Saturday and you can get even more help to get your game ready for the contest!


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