Game Design Livestream 7 pm EST Tuesday, March 28 2017

Looking forward to lead the Georgia Game Developer association (GGDA) Livestream tonight: Intro to Game Design/Construct 2 Livestream 7 pm EST Tuesday, March 28 Game Design Web Show: Intro to Game Design Description: Game design can look confusing and daunting to beginners, but there are ways to increase your chances of successfully launching a game….


Text Boxes in Construct 2 (Video Tutorial)

[bing_translator] In this video I check one of the most overlooked plugins in Construct 2: The Text Box. I will provide some examples of the different things that you can do with text boxes and how to solve a few specific problems that you may find in your own game development. Let me know what…


Local Storage in Construct 2

 [bing_translator] In this quick video I will show you how to use the Local storage plugin in Construct 2 to save a high score for each one of your game levels. You can find the project used for this video here: This video was created after someone asked me about more details on how to…


Creating your 1st Video Game: Preparing for the Global Game Jam 2016

[bing_translator] After a couple of presentations at Georgia State University, I decided to clean and modify the shared content to explain how you can easily create a video game using Construct 2. The following videos should help you to understand the basics of Construct 2, at the same time that you create a simple, but…


Cellbloc Studios talks SnarfQuest Tales with Microsoft

I had the chance to talk with Dr. Unity from Cellbloc Studios and their creation: Larry Elmore’s SnarfQuest Tales You can visit their kickstarter here:


Local developers: Snarf Quest by Cellbloc Studios

From time to time I have the chance to promote something cool, something that is created locally and perfectly sums up why I love video games. Today I present you Cellbloc Studios and their creation: You can check their Kickstarter video here: Also, a little bit of their official release: Cellbloc Studios is proud to present SnarfQuest…


10 Minutes with Construct 2: 3rd Party Plugins

[bing_translator] To start your weekend we quickly check the basics of using 3rd party plugins to improve your game. Using the plugins share by the Scirra community ( you can add incredible functionalities to your projects. In the video we check some quick examples and discuss the pros and cons of using these plugins.


10 Minutes with Construct 2: User Interface review

[bing_translator] In this new video of the 10 Minutes with Construct 2 series we check a few useful aspects for Construct 2’s UI. Some simple aspects like the “snap to grid” option and the “Z order bar” can help you to finish your dream project.


10 Minutes with Construct 2: The Touch Plugin

[bing_translator] This new video of the 10 Minutes with Construct 2 series brings you a detailed review of the Touch plugin, that can be useful to create touch enabled games. If you are thinking about creating a game that is ready to be played in mobile devices you better learn the nuances of this plugin. In…


10 Minutes with Construct 2: Bullet Behavior

 In this video we check one of the basic behaviors of Construct 2: The Bullet Behavior.    I use the Bullet behavior in many scenarios in my games, usually any element that needs some sort of independent movement will include this behavior 🙂