SaaS Service Offerings redefine what’s in a product

As I continue my work on my little nook of Microsoft’s S+S business strategy, the team I work with has noticed something peculiar about what exactly a Service Offering really is. Because we know the packaged software business so well, we sometimes overlook what at first seems like a subtle difference in the SaaS business…


Customer 2.0 is here and she has a major impact on business models and system architecture

One of the major tasks on my plate is understanding the impact of business systems to support the explosion of Software as a service business offerings, such as Exchange Hosted Services, Windows Live offerings and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live. These business offerings all stem from the ‘Subscription’ business model built to support our overall Software…


Service Delivery Platform (SDP) for the Enterprise

I’m noticing a lot of great improvements in Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, namely FEAF, TOGAF, Gartner EAF and ITIL (Yes, I see ITIL as an EAF now). They are embracing similar improvement themes like Business Strategy linkage, enabling agile business via Service-Oriented Architecture approaches, iterative delivery processes, federated team models, and process, information and system complexity reduction….


How SaaS, S+S impact an Enterprise Architect

Mike Walker wrote a great thought-provoking blog post on the implications SaaS has on Enterprise Architecture. Although he noted some very interesting points, I thought I’d extend this a bit and describe the impact of my life as it pertains to SaaS because coincidentally, I’m an Enterprise Architect and am personally tasked in an initiative…


Business analysis for ‘Consuming’ SaaS Services

In a previous blog, I posted some considerations to assist analyzing a business for opportunities to provide a SaaS offering with a focus on the bits that directly impact system architectures to enable the SaaS business model. In this post I want to continue the thinking in that post but talk about considerations for consuming…


Business analysis for ‘Providing’ SaaS Services

Should a business offer a SaaS product? Hmmm, I think it might if all the right peices are there. Part of my role in the MSIT Enterprise Architecture team is to think about strategies for improving our IT systems to enable the business. One very proactive technique to do this is to bring to the…


SaaS is not just SOA, S+S and Web 2.0

Microsoft has defined SaaS as “Software deployed as a hosted service and accessed over the Internet.” (see here for the article). Although I don’t disagree with this definition (quite frankly, it’s hard not to), it seems a bit generic and could cause a lack of focus on what differentiates SaaS from the basic SOA concept…