A Breakthrough: Maturing EA to be a Catalyst to Transform the Company

It’s time to rethink enterprise architecture people. Well, at least here in Microsoft IT’s Enterprise Architecture Team it is. Like most EA teams, we’ve had our ups and downs and experiences leveraging various Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, methods, disciplines, etc. Like you, over the years we’ve learned what works and what to avoid. For the past…



Do you ever find yourself in the situation where you can be of help in several very different efforts that, although seem valuable at the time, randomize your brand…not to mention stretch your time and affect your work/life balance? I certainly do. I think this happens as a result of having a broad set of…


Managing MSIT’s Enterprise Platform Portfolio

I have the fortunate opportunity to manage the Enterprise Platform portfolio for Microsoft IT and thought that I’d share some tidbits how I do it. In Microsoft IT, the Enterprise Platform Portfolio (EPP) is only one program portfolio peer to other program portfolios like our Line-of-Business (LoB) specific portfolios such as Sales, Marketing, Services, HR,…


Positive and Negative behaviors to look out for in Enterprise Architects

I’ve been fortunate to be in a position as a trusted advisor assess individuals during performance reviews as well as to hiring managers internal and external to Microsoft looking for strong architect candidates. For the most part, a lot of my judgment is based on my assertion of a candidates hard and soft architect skills….


Service Provider Paradigm Shift for Enterprise Architecture Teams

I recently had the opportunity to share an idea with a group of enterprise-level Architects and received a healthy bit of positive feedback on the idea. So, I think its worthy to share more broadly. Most, if not all, Enterprise Architects have witnessed challenges delivering a successful Enterprise Architecture Team. I certainly have observed failings…