Mastering Strategic Planning Through Concepts

    Chess Grandmasters  master the application of concepts and apply them to situations. I study chess and learn move sequences for Openings, Middle Game, Endings, etc and witness many people get caught up in debates around move sequences. There seem to be endless debates which opening is the best defense for specific offense openings….


Inspiration As A Strategy

As you may have heard, Forbes magazine published their America’s Top 25 Most Inspiring Companies last week, and Microsoft was awarded the #1 spot. Pretty cool. Also interesting was this statement “This survey highlights the fact that when a company embarks on an inspiring mission, it’s employees become inspired by their work and that makes…


Engineer strategic planning to align your company. Don’t reverse-engineer another company’s strategic plan.

My engineering background encourages me automate processes. My architect experience encourages me to find patterns and model relationships. My operations experience forces to me to continuously look for ways to institutionalize efficiencies. My business management experience reminds me that it’s all about organizing people and initiatives to achieve strategy through building environments for people to…


The Business Architect, Business Performance Manager, Business Strategy Manager, Business Planner Job Description

I’ve written several job descriptions for Business Architect, Business Performance Manager, Business Strategy Manager, Business Planner, etc for the groups I’ve worked in and noticed that I tend to write the same things over and over again so I built a template to help me in the future. I’ve shared this with a few folks…


Top Strategy and Planning Lessons Learned

I’ve spent a few years designing and facilitating strategy and planning processes (aka business performance management or BPM) and have gained some insight that I thought might be interesting to folks. This article is a work-in-progress set of best practices I feel are worth sharing. Top Business Performance Management Lessons Learned 1. Be clear on…


The Big 8 Business Objectives

Welcome to financial year 2014! Whew! July marks the new financial year and for some of us, the end of a strategy, planning and budgeting cycle. Once again, I had the opportunity to design and facilitate my organization’s business strategy, planning and budgeting process and it seems that each time I learn tons. As a…


Business Performance Management, the next big thing…again

We all possess the gene to want to solve problems when faced with them. It’s human nature. People form organizations and this gene sometimes manifests itself in organizational titles and roles invented to address organizational challenges. This is natural too. For example, when support organizations face the challenge of aligning to business organizations, we see…


The Planning Paradox

One of my uncle’s favorite jokes goes like this: Greg: “Hey Gabriel, say to me ‘what’s the most important thing about humor?’” Gabriel: “Okay Greg, what’s the mo-“ Greg: “Timing.” [At this point, you’re supposed to laugh] “Timing” is the most important thing to business strategy planning As it turns out, timing is also the…


Business Architect Skills Assessment

Six years ago I posted a blog article called Solution Architect Skills Idea. At the time, I was a practicing Solution Architect pushing the boundaries to mature the Solution Architect discipline. I built the Solution Architect Skills Assessment to help organize the skills I felt were necessary to be a world class Solution Architect and…


How do you reward failure?

I was a participant in a recent survey facilitated by the Corporate Executive Board’s Enterprise Architect community forum regarding “How do you reward failure?” My response to the survey triggered a bunch of emails from other members to me noting how much they liked my response so I thought it might be worthy to share…