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I thought it would be useful to provide a list of some good articles on customising the Office ribbon:


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  1. sam says:

    I thought I would post some options for overcoming the loss of productivity as a result of having the ribbon

    1.Put this in an Addin or Personal.xls Application.ExecuteXL4Macro(”SHOW.TOOLBAR(”"Ribbon”",FALSE)”) and install

    a)Toogle Toolbar(20$).

    This gives you access to the few new features of Excel 2007 and still retain the enhanced productivity of Excel 2003

    Its not like the real thing(Excel 2003 toobars)…but I am sure Toogle toolbar will improve over time

    b)Install Active Teach Ribbon (30 days free trial)- From Orlando’s website and set it to Act Only mode….This gives all the Excel 2003 menus and toobars on the right click ("Cell" Menu – one of the few Menu’s  that MS forgot to disable when going for the baboon sorry ribbon)

    Only problem is you cant make the toolbars float…but I am sure it will improve.

    2.Install the Excel-2003 menu addin from Shailesh Shah’s website – Its free – This puts the Excel 2003 menu in the Addin Tab..Plus the Standard and Formating Toolbar…again no customisation possible as the XML is encrypted…but still better than having the ribbon…Plus you need to write an addin that would hide the other tabs….

    4…..The only real option is to hope that the UI astronuts (borrowing froms Simons term) leave MS along with Bill G…who got convinced by Jenson H…about not having a classic UI option…well he is growing old and no longer in tune with the market…

  2. SamRad says:

    I also did a post on how to get started with the ribbon, might help some folks:


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