Well … let’s get started

<Fanfare>Hello. My name is Gabhan and this is my new blog dedicated to Excel Programming.</Fanfare>

I work as a Program Manager on the Excel product team and I thought it would be useful/fun/exciting to dedicate a blog to programming with Excel.

Starting from today, I'll be blogging about all things related to programming with Excel. From addins to automation; VBA  to .NET. Oh, I'll also be posting about XLLs and coding in C/C++.

Excel programmability is a huge and very popular subject with our customers and my aim with this blog is to make it a little bit easier by sharing what I know to whomever is interested in reading.

So, without further ado, I guess I should get on with it :o)

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  1. cdownes says:

    Excellent mate – I’ll follow it closely. (Though it makes me think Microsoft aren’t working you hard enough if you have time ;o))

  2. Jools says:

    Sounds great to me. Especially if it will include a handy new way of subtracting one range from another…

    Now where was the rest of that extensive wish list… ;-P

  3. Gabhan Berry, a Program Manager on the Excel team, has just started up a new blog devoted to Excel programming

  4. arun.philip says:


    This looks promising. The first programming I did on Windows was 10 years ago, in Excel 95’s VBA. It still holds a fond place in my heart.

    Looking forward to your blog.

     ~ Arun

  5. Ricardo Lopez-H says:

    Welcome to the game!!

    When we are in the battle all help available is welcome,

    Regards from a Financial Planning Hell located in some remote place in Monterrey, Mexico

  6. Greg Lovern says:

    Will the next version of Excel have a new programming editor? The VBE has not been significantly updated since Excel 97.

  7. Calin naghi says:


    We are developing an excel addin and we facing some problems and maybe you can help us.

    We have to draw in some cells some images and right now we are using shapes for that. We also tried with VSTO controls and that also works but we facing the problem that when we have a shape or a VSTO control inside the cell the user cannot select that cell from function dialog. So if he want’s to introduce that cell in a function formula it can’t select it by mouse.

    It seems the controls inside the cells does not even receive any event like mousedown while the functions dialog window is activated. Do you know how we can workaround this?

  8. your blog posts are very helpful for newbies like us!

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