Free Agile Development Talks from

These are some great talks from the best minds on agile software development giving their talks at this years agile convention in Toronto.  A lot of them are being posted online free to view! “We Suck Less!” Is Not Enough  


New Paper on Tools with Kent Beck

Microsoft recently released a new paper on Tools and the Visual Studio Team System.  It’s a great read regarding tools development and how they support the Scrum framework. Microsoft Visual Studio Team System : Tools for Agility


Scrum Makes You Smarter

Although it’s a bit controversial, Jeff Sutherland posted an article citing that Scrum makes you smarter. Although I tend to agree with that finding based on my personal experience, I think it’s a bit controversial!  Looks like this article was also on Association for Psychological Science as well.

Certified ScrumMaster

I’m now officially a certified ScrumMaster!  And, I’m certified by the famous Jeff Sutherland, Co-Creator of Scrum, and Mitch Lacey.  It was a great honor to meet him and I cannot stress how important it is to hear it from the source.  If you are considering a ScrumMaster certification, I would go out of my…


Great talk on Scrum by Ken Schwaber

Straight from the horse’s mouth. there is a fantastic talk by Ken Schwaber on Scrum and it’s principals, hows its used and some great stories mixed in there too.  If you are already familiar with Scrum, you will love the stories and the idea of “producing more crap.”  If you are new to Scrum, you…