Getting a ConfigMgr Client’s Registered Certificate Thumbprint

When managing a client in a ConfigMgr 2007 hierarchy, it can be difficult to determine what certificate the client is registering with and the client’s registration status.  This information is stored in WMI and is sometimes difficult to get access and interpret.  Instead of trying to demonstrate how to do that, I wrote a simple VB…

Enabling Debug and Verbose Logging in ConfigMgr 2007

I adapted this from the SMS Client FAQ section since I get so many questions on how to do this.  Debug and Verbose provides additional information on error conditions for clients and servers.  Setting this flag automatically triggers more information in the logs and does not require a reboot or restart of the system. Enabling…


System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SDK Released

For those of you that are waiting for the RTM version of the ConfigMgr 2007 SDK, it was just released today including an updated version of the MP API. System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Software Development Kit (SDK) v4.0  

Configuring ISA Firewalls for ConfigMgr

In case you are doing Internet Based Client Management (IBCM), Adam has a great article on configuring ISA for IBCM.  It’s not an easy task to accomplish and his tutorial really sheds some light. Firewalls and Internet Based Client Management : Part 1 Firewalls and Internet Based Client Management : Part 2 Documentation If you…


Configuration Manager 2007 Error Codes

In case you bump into some of the more obscure error codes, there is a large list available on the TechNet documentation page.  It helped me out quite a bit. 

Using the (SMS) ConfigMgr 2007 MPAPI with .NET

The MP API is a SDK component that can be used to communicate with a ConfigMgr (Formerly SMS) Management Point to: Register clients Send Data Discovery Records Request Policy Assignments Send Status Messages and more… From a developers perspective, this SDK is a COM binary that currently only has documentation for C++.  This tutorial will…


ConfigMgr TechNet Forums Now Open

The former newsgroups used for support have now been setup on the TechNet forums to help reach a wider audience.  You can now find TechNet forums for System Center Configuration Manager at 

SCCM 2007 Beta 2 Software Development Kit (SDK)

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Beta 2 Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available for public beta at MS Connect. The Configuration Manager 2007 SDK Beta 2 contains documentation and code samples to support the following core features: · Desired Configuration Management · Management Point API  (My specialty) · Administrator Console Extension · Software Distribution…

System Center Configuration Manager Release Canidate on TechNet!

ConfigMgr is now released on TechNet and is available as a public beta.  You can download directly or play with it in TechNet Virtual Labs (which I heavily recommend, it’s way easy to setup and play with ConfigMgr).   For more information, goto TechNet.