Lesson Learned: Missing language attribute in ‘assemblyidentity’ element can cause SxS (SideBySide) application loading failure on Windows XP and Server 2003

When developing my Sample demonstrating ClickOnce deployment of unmanaged app with COM component implemented in managed assembly without using GAC or Registry and without requiring admin rights I first got it working on my Vista laptop. I didn’t get it right at the first attempt, but by analyzing events in Event Log and using SxSTrace…


How To: ClickOnce deployment for unmanaged app with COM component in managed assembly

Recently I worked with a global ISV in Europe on re-architecting some of their products from competitive platforms to Microsoft platform. In some cases only the server side was being re-architected and the server had to support existing client applications.  Some of these existing client applications are written in Delphi and their deployment is painful….