Windows Azure Diagnostics and log files that are kept open, such as Tomcat logs

When transferring custom log files, Windows Azure Diagnostics runtime currently seems to require exclusive locks to the files being transferred. As the result, it doesn’t work with log files that are kept open (in shared access mode), such as in case of Tomcat logs.I developed a simple solution for this scenario. The programing model has…

Windows Azure Dynamic Scaling Sample

Many global software vendors we work with have been interested in leveraging the power of Windows Azure to dynamically scale their cloud solutions. Trent Swanson and I led the effort to architect and develop a sample to help these software vendors in creating dynamically scalable solutions running on Windows Azure. The source code and accompanying…

Starter Kit for deploying Tomcat-based Java solutions on Windows Azure

When working on migration of real-life Tomcat Java application to Windows Azure, the original Solution Accelerator (version from November 2009) was helpful in getting the migration project off the ground. However, some design choices and implementation of the original Solution Accelerator left a lot of room for improvements and optimization. In particular, the requirement of…

Project Riviera – a Windows Azure Platform sample published on MSDN Code Gallery

Bhushan Nene, Trent Swanson and I have worked on project Riviera – a comprehensive code sample to demonstrate how to develop multi-tenant highly-scalable line-of-business applications on Windows Azure Platform. We have released the source code on MSDN Code Gallery. You can also find links to screencast there. We still plan to refactor and clean the code….

Column Level Security in SharePoint

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 support a rich security model that allows administrators to control access to sites and content by assigning permissions to users and groups for a specific securable object (such as site, list, library, folder and even an individual document or item).However, in certain scenarios there is…


Differences in programming idioms between Windows and UNIX overlooked by an ISV

A few months ago I worked on a project with a global ISV. The main purpose of this engagement was to review the integration of their product with MOSS (Microsoft Office SharPoint Server), including BDC (Business Data Catalog). This can be a subject of a separate post especially that it was also a good use…


Lesson Learned: Missing language attribute in ‘assemblyidentity’ element can cause SxS (SideBySide) application loading failure on Windows XP and Server 2003

When developing my Sample demonstrating ClickOnce deployment of unmanaged app with COM component implemented in managed assembly without using GAC or Registry and without requiring admin rights I first got it working on my Vista laptop. I didn’t get it right at the first attempt, but by analyzing events in Event Log and using SxSTrace…


How To: ClickOnce deployment for unmanaged app with COM component in managed assembly

Recently I worked with a global ISV in Europe on re-architecting some of their products from competitive platforms to Microsoft platform. In some cases only the server side was being re-architected and the server had to support existing client applications.  Some of these existing client applications are written in Delphi and their deployment is painful….