Two .Net Compact Framework blogs…

I’ve just learned about these two blogs targeting Windows Mobile and .Net Compact Framework: .NET Compact Framework Tutorials: great content/tutorials for those getting into Windows Mobile development – it is worth reading it! SMARTYMOBILE: great source for our Latam developers as this blog is written in Spanish – from César Fong – Mobile Devices MVP….


Boas Festas!

Feliz Natal e um excelente Ano Novo!  


Should Santa carry a GPS-enabled Windows Mobile Pocket PC?

There is an interesting thread in the Mobility MVP’s discussion list about how it would be easier to track Santa during Christmas Eve if he happen to carry a GPS-enabled Windows Mobile based device 🙂 It all started when Mike Zintel brought us this info about NORAD using a complex network of satellites and cameras to track…


The Design of the .Net Compact Framework CLR

Steven Pratschner has published a great series of articles regarding the design of the .Net Compact Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR), including an introduction & background, JIT (just in time) compiler design considerations and Garbage Collection management: Part I: Overview and Background Part II: JIT Compiler Design Considerations Part III: GC Heap Management Believe me,…


New version: Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP

For the photographers around, I’d like to just to let you know that there is an update version of the Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP available here. From the readme file: What’s New in Version 1.0 (Build 50)? This updated version of the software includes the following enhancements and fixes: Support for…


Bluetooth development on Windows Mobile

For those who asked me about Bluetooth development for Windows Mobile-based devices, here is a couple of links from the MobileDeveloper Wiki at Channel9 (a lot of content there!): Personal Area Networking for .NET Microsoft shared source Bluetooth Enjoy it!   Tags: [Microsoft] [Windows Mobile] [Visual Studio] [.Net Compact Framework] [Bluetooth]


Calling managed code from native on Windows Mobile.

During a presentation yesterday I was asked how to call managed code from a native application running on Windows Mobile. Jason Fuller’s Mirror implemantation came to my mind, and as promised, here is the link and details: “Here’s how it works.  You write a managed assembly that you want to be callable from native code.  You’ll…


CSS Properties Window Add-on for Visual Studio 2005

Are you developing ASP.NET? How about a CSS Properties window to help you out??? Mikhail Arkhipov highlights it here: The CSS Properties window is an add-in package to Visual Studio 2005. It does not change the behavior of any feature in Visual Studio 2005; it simply adds additional functionality specific to editing CSS in Design…


PhotoBlogMobile demo available – Simple photo blog application for Windows Mobile based devices

I made the source code of my TechEd demo available for download at GotDotNet Workspaces – you can download it here: This release allows a user to take pictures on a WM 5.0-based Smartphone, upload to a web server and notify (through SMS) WM 5.0 PPC Phone Edition users that a new picture is…


Windows Mobile DeviceEmulator phone numbers!

During the demo I did at TechEd Brazil, I showed how to send “yourself” text messages (SMS) inside the device emulator – it is just a matter of sending an SMS to device’s phone number, which is: “+1 (425) 001-0001”. It turns out there are several other special phone numbers one can use while working/debugging with the emulator. Barry…