Performance improvements on Device Emulator V2

Continuing on the Device Emulator, make sure to check "DeviceEmulator V2 - how did we get a 40% improvement in performance?", a great post from Barry Bond, Device Emulator's architect:

The DeviceEmulator V2 is significantly faster than the V1 emulator you're used to. Most of the performance wins come from a small set of optimizations in the ARM-to-x86 JIT and the MMU emulator.  These wins improve raw execution of ARM instructions, so all applications and OSes benefit...

Barry goes on describing six "simple optimizations" that provided a "substantial performance win":

  1. Faster Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) implementation.

  2. Reduce x86 processor stalls due to mixed code and data

  3. More efficient interrupt polling

  4. Optimized memcpy() and memset()

  5. Optimizing "/Od" Code-Gen from the ARM C/C++ Compiler

  6. Faster Disassembly of ARM Instructions

Enjoy it!


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  1. Today, I tested all new features of MSFP for Windows Mobile 5.0 with Exchange 2003 SP2, over Device Emulator 2.0 CTP. Its excelent to test everything.

    Well, the performance improve is so big that i can use a lot of virtual machines with the device emulator running at the same time.

    Regards Fernando

    From Argentine, from the GLUE

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